Emergency, Critical Care and ICU Services

West Hills Animal Emergency & Critical Care Center values the trust you have placed in us to care for your patients. Our emergency and critical care team is designed to serve as an extension of your practice, providing your clients with emergency and critical care services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We would be pleased to care for your referred patient. Included in the services we provide:

  • Emergency Care, 24 hours per day
  • Overnight monitored care
  • Critical care, ICU
  • Post-operative surgical care and anesthetic recovery monitoring
  • Advanced life-support care
  • Administration of blood products or constant rate infusion drug therapy
  • Emergency diagnostic procedures:
    • Endoscopy
    • Ultrasound
    • Digital radiology (including consultation with Board-Certified Radiologist)
  • Emergency surgery

While providing care for your patient at our hospital, we will promptly keep you abreast on the case and will encourage your clients to discuss their pet’s condition with you. We cannot, nor do we intend to, replace the important ongoing relationship and trust you have between you and your clients.

All clients referred to our facility will sign a waiver stating that we will not see that patient for routine wellness care. We will make sure an update and all medical records, including radiographs, are faxed or emailed to you immediately after we see the patient.

If it appears that a patient may require a complex surgery, endoscopy, or ultrasound, we will make every effort to contact you to discuss the case and determine your preferences for case management.

When referring a patient to us, if possible, please fax, email, or give the client the most recent notes, radiographs, and any pertinent lab results.

Our fax number is (631) 367-8130.

Email us at info@whahzoo.com

Our referral form is attached.

If a client requests immediate care at our facility during regular business hours, and identifies you as their family Veterinarian, we will direct the client to contact you to determine if he or she can be seen at your practice.

Records for all discharged patients will be promptly faxed and/or emailed to your hospital.

In some cases, we are able to offer patient transport to/from our hospital. We charge a nominal fee for this service.


Pet emergencies for which you should immediately seek medical care: Symptoms include:

  • Difficulty breading
  • Bleeding that does not stop from any part of the body
  • Bloated, distended, swollen or painful abdomen
  • Major trauma - Falls, hit-by-cars, large wounds, broken bones

Full list of pet emergencies